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And The Miles Were Boiled In Manhattan ... one underground and one over

Collaboration with Ben Schumacher

photo-printed cake, euro palette, insulation foam, tiles copper piping, enamel vessel, rag, photos
New York and Berlin 2014

The new sculpture "And The Miles Were Boiled In Manhattan ... one underground and one over " (2014) is the sculptural result of a collaboration between Adrian Lohmüller and Ben Schumacher. The two artists agreed to meet in New York on 25 Nov. 2013 at 1 pm by the central circular clock in Grand Central Station. Using an antique step meter they started by foot and began to measure two miles through Manhattan, one underground and one above ground. In the course of the 7 hour project the precision of the measurement was replaced by a delirious attention to hyper details within the souterrain and cityscape and ultimately ended in a distinct urban neurosis. Countless notes, photos, and collages were made with the help of bartenders and passersby document the inexorable initiation of a collective migraine. The sculpture shown at Schau Fenster transfers this scenario into the complexity of such pertinent materials as copper pipes, bathroom tiles and a tasty photo printed vanilla/chocolate cake with pink icing.

Text from radio channel FluxFm, Berlin