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Contractor’s Hill

bathtub, water, wood, sink, dirty dishes, kitchen counter
5th Story, Baltimore 2004

This installation and performance took place for the exhibition Blank Chalkboard, which opened on the night of the 2004 U.S. presidential election and happened alongside live video coverage of the final voting hours. The motivation for the show revolved around the idea of renewal. After four years of this administration, a blank slate was desperately needed. The exhibition invite announced that visitors were encouraged to bring their dirty dishes. A contract between participants and artist confirming the return of clean dishes was stamped and signed by both parties. For Contractor’s Hill, a bathtub, elevated to three meters, was filled with rainwater via a funnel system that extended out the window of the exhibition space. The height of the tub provided hydrostatic pressure to a faucet, much as a water tower does. Despite all cleaning efforts that night, Bush was re-elected.