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Die Braut spricht

'The bride speaks'
diverse vessels, copper piping, camping stove, water, salt lick, bedding, table, tablecloth, sponge, tissues
Cruise & Callas, Berlin 2009

Lofty white bedding soaks up a continuous suffusion of saltwater that is constantly seeping onto the basement floor. Vessels suspended from the low ceiling slowly release water into a copper piping system, where it is gently heated and finally trickles downward to be received by a salt lick. The salt dissolves and joins the water in its descent. Lateral to the city water system just below street level, the basement braces itself against the pressure of the water table that pushes from the exterior. The flame warms this damp underbelly, turning the otherwise inhospitable cavern into a lovers’ chamber. Perpetually evaporating, the water - freed once again from the salt - thickens the air like hot humid breaths and leaves behind saturated stains of salt crystals. Meanwhile, the remainder of the saline fluid is absorbed by the feather down and porous concrete floor as the interior system continues to drip, its copper limbs tangled.

“I peeked into the gallery Cruise & Callas. Body-remains-atrophy followed the glow-eye. Assembling both parts, I crawled down the stairs into the basement. There, dark-wet erupted: the bedchamber of Adrian Lohmüller in the abstruse cellar gut; a structured clutter of copper pipes docked in basins; pipes pouring out over a feather bed of two pillows – important, two – sprang a leak. The liquid seeped beneath the now-stiff bed linens leaving wet salt crystals on the buttons. Falling razor-sharp droplets fumbling stump fingers scratch a sewer drain into the stone. Feed the tete-a-tete with this extracted essence! Rest gone. I’m here. Lohmüller = Bada Bing Club!”

John Bock, “The Artists’ Artist,” Artforum, Dec 2009: ( p.94 )