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The False-Self System

metal tank, water, suction/compression pump, copper piping, drywall, tooth grind guard, aluminum, raw plaster, house of cards, cellular rubber, drain plug, metal stand, ear plugs
Städtische Galerie Nordhorn 2011

All photos © Helmut Claus

The central eponymous multi-part work
“The False- Self System” is located in the middle of the space. Two pipes lead across the room from a white 60-liter tank, which hangs from the ceiling as if it quite naturally was part of the interior design and integral to the organism’s functioning. Water drips from one of the pipes onto a pile of raw plaster. This ongoing process turns the heap into an amorphous sludge, as it disperses it increasingly clumps. The other pipe leads towards a drinking glass containing a dental retainer that stands on a pile of drywall. This dental device, which must be custom fit to an individual, provides protection from the grinding of teeth while sleeping. Dreams cannot be consciously con- trolled; they express both the unconscious and repressed. Drywall and raw plaster are construction elements used in interior spaces. Interiors create spaces that shelter us against the outside world. A seemingly fragile miniature house of cards stands on the floor in the middle of an aluminum ring; four walls without a roof referencing architecture and habitation. Only the blue pattern on the reverse of the playing cards is visible. The face of each card, conversely, has been blacked-out making the values and symbols incom- prehensible. Further a pair of earplugs, one of which having been used, hangs from a metal stand reminiscent of a medical apparatus. Earplugs represent how an individual isolates himself from the outside world, sealing off the ear canal in order to sleep or to focus on his own inner world.