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The false-self system II

aluminum, four playing cards, cellular rubber, drain plug, metal stand, ear plugs, wood, plastic

A fragile house assembled from playing cards, their fronts turned inward and sealed with black foam, is placed in the centre of an aluminium ring on the floor – a reference to the basic elements of architecture. Also part of the work is a light green, seemingly medicinal metal stand, with an attached chain from which dangle both a used and an unused earplug. By sealing the auditory canal we can shut ourselves off from the outside world, in order to sleep or to concentrate on mental processes.

Adrian Lohmüller questions organisms operating in the shadows which, although invisible, are relied upon in daily life. Whether they are hidden behind facades or buried behind opaque layers, some of their essence always seeps through. The artist’s work often consists of home-made systems, which operate and perform processes. In its research or its visual references the work relates to analytical psychology. Adrian Lohmüller labels his installations “psycho-architectures”.

press release - Sommer & Kohl, Berlin