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Fecal Commerce

sandwich board, footprint stickers, restroom, markers
Maryland Art Place, Baltimore 2006

As is the case for most American cities, Baltimore hardly provides free restrooms to the public. If basic needs for disposal surprise a pedestrian in the inner city, places for relief can only be found in commercial venues, usually enforcing a ‘customers only’ policy. Thus, the payment for use of a toilet is either monetary or a toll of shame paid upon asking the cashier for keys as a non-customer. In opposition of this exclusory protocol, Fecal Commerce invited the general public to use Maryland Art Place’s private toilet. The location of the gallery in the Inner Harbor, at the tourist center of the city, allowed for a atypical audience to visit the space for necessities other than viewing art. The restroom was further equipped with critical text, as well as markers, encouraging people to write their comments on the walls.