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Fundament I & II

(I) concrete
(II) metal, rope, drop cloth, copper pipe, tap
Gut Kartzitz Rügen 2011

"A related work that similarly links a minimalist sensibility with a surrealist-like transgression is Fundament I, 2011, which Lohmüller constructed on private land on the Baltic island of Rügen. Its flat concrete base might be seen to revisit Carl Andre’s exploration of horizontality as an axis of sculptural experience, but with the structure’s steps that descend from the platform, Lohmüller added the evocation of another subterranean space that here doesn’t physically exist as the steps’ descent is interrupted by the ground. As such it indicates the subterranean as a realm of sculptural unconscious, related loosely to the idea of a bodily unconscious. What is contained within it, we don’t know—with this piece there is no stated metaphorics or explicit field of reference. Is it a space of horror, or pleasure? Could it relate to the burial of Germany’s dark history of the Nazi era, given the piece’s proximity to the massive, concrete Prora buildings nearby, which were built in the 1930s by the Kraft durch Freude ("Strength through Joy") welfare organisation to accommodate up to 20,000 vacationing Germans at a time? Once again, Lohmüller’s work brings public space and intimate privacy, matter and memory, into provocative but ultimately indeterminate correlation."

T.J. Demos
Matter and Memory: The Sculpture of Adrian Lohmüller, The Uncertainty Principle, Primeline Print Berlin