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boarded-up house, TV, polyurethane expanding foam
Baltimore 2004

For the exhibition Picture Window, this project took place in one of Baltimore’s many poor neighborhoods. The city is paradoxically burdened with a severe problem of homelessness as well as a vast number of vacant, boarded-up houses. According to the immediate neighbors, this house had burned out 6 years before and hadn’t been inhabited since. Streets in Baltimore are filled with houses such as this. In 2004, a substantial percentage of residential buildings in the city were vacant. Typically, real-estate values drop along with the overall quality of life and safety of a neighborhood once a house on a block is boarded up. One strategy to solve the problem is the use of posters with curtains and flowerpots in order to make a house look occupied. The moment a TV set leaves a home and is abandoned on the sidewalk, it is as though the modern day family hearth has been evicted.