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House of Cards

playing cards, collage, building marked for demolition
Current Space, Baltimore 2009

“MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY... This is Current, Current, Current...Position 30 South Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Our vessel is going down! We require immediate assistance… All Hands on Deck!… An ongoing exhibition in preparation for the demolition of 30 South Calvert Street. For the past four years, Current has been a breeding ground for cultural production, opening onto countless collaborators and nourishing ongoing conversations. Like a supernova before the collapse, we prepare for the building's demolition with an ongoing collaborative exhibition that embodies 30 South Calvert. Welcoming you moments before bulldozers consume the building, and we slither out the anus of the temporary shelter, like a colony of parasites discharged onto the city. This is the last exhibition at 30 South Calvert, an ongoing collaborative installation, which will be demolished with the building.”

Open Call for Submissions - Current Space