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thermo sublimation print, wool, combat protein powder, copper piping, glass, salt, water, sport mats, dental grind guard, perforated plate aluminum, glass, marble, digital print fabric, napkins, aluminum cup, human hair, selfie stick
Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin 2017

When the viewer enters the brightly lit interior, she notices pristinely painted white walls and a precisely arranged ensemble of delicate objects, sculptures, materials and vessels that make an almost antiseptic impression. The coordinates, which are not entirely recognizable at first, evoke a sketch for an experimental set-up a laboratory situation where something is supposed to be tested.

Architecture can be understood as something corporeal in Adrian Lohmüller’s work: bodies with their own inherent circulation can symbolize social systems and processes in which things are public on one hand but concealed on the other, kept secret and hidden from the public. Psychoanalysis involves recognizing defense mechanisms in a figurative sense; breaking through walls that have been erected to protect against external influences in order to reach the interior and create awareness of deeply-set unconscious layers.- Veronika Olbrich

Featuring: Jessi Hundt, Adrian Lohmueller
Director of Photography: Martin Schlecht
Effects and Sound Design: Meghan Tomeo
Written, Directed, Edited by: Adrian Lohmueller