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The Tongue Ever Turns To The Aching Tooth.

asphalt, strata, salt lick, rainwater
Uferhallen, Berlin 2009

To puncture the pavement of a city is to make porous a surface that is otherwise sealed. In this case it not only circumvents the existing sewage infrastructure by offering the rainwater an alternate point of entry into the hydrologic cycle, but also creates a fleetingly undefined public space. This new cavity, not yet sanctioned by the authorities, provides potential refuge to anyone seeking privacy in the public sphere - like teenage lovers who may lack a place for intimacy. The idea of sexual sweat is doubled by the introduction of salt lick stones that dissolve into the ground water through the now open pore. The process of digging in the middle of the Uferhallen parking lot in Berlin, Wedding, revealed layer upon layer of history, such as war debris, construction rubble, and burnt roofs. Paradoxically, this unclaimed void shelters a fictitious adolescent oblivion from both the public eye and an historic cycle of demolition. Presented as a video document, the obtrusive action of excavation is juxtaposed with a quieter examination of an open mouth. Here the title image appears directly, connecting the tonguing of a wound to the tonguing of lovers, whilst exposing this private cavity to the gaze of a dental mirror.