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175 x 175 cm
Berlin, 2020

240 concrete slabs, europallet
93 x 80 x 120 cm, 1.5t

three story installation incorporating diverse materials.
Smac, Berlin 2019

thermo sublimation print, wool, combat protein powder, copper piping, glass, salt, water, sport mats, dental grind guard, perforated plate aluminum, glass, marble, digital print fabric, napkins, aluminum cup, human hair, selfie stick
Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin 2017

concrete, granite, oak, terracotta vase, bench
Skulpturen-Triennale Bingen, 2017

295 x 600 x 500 cm

marble, pvc foil, mattress upholstery/headboard, Powerade, Gatorade, Monster Energy Drink, Mountain Dew, transparent hoses, aquarium, submersion pump, aquarium crystal LED light, immersion heater, earphones

(300 x 200 x 35 cm)

fluorescent light (pulsating 100 times per second), fluorescent light (relatively steady), incandescent light, p\ox gall soap, copper piping, refrigeration unit, thread, silk screen print on aluminum panels
Ngorongoro, Berlin 2015

aquarium, brazilian red dirt, fountain pen, water, heated chrome towel dryer,
natural rubber, cow milk, acrylic glas box, paper, collage, wood
nbk - Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin 2014

printed rug, metal, painted copper piping, salt, cloth, enamel, peppermint, Lucozade energy drink,
kitchen counter, shoe inlay, electric cords, pvc, color copies, paper, soap
SEZ, Berlin 2013

grass, dirt, architecture
Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg 2012

wood palettes, cobblestones (petit pavé), sand, white pillows with black print
Commissioned by the 6th Biennial of Curitiba,
Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil 2011

In collaboration with Dornbracht

roof, aluminum funnel, rainwater, rubber hoses, ICB tanks with metal cover, pump,
reverse osmosis filter, wood, tiles, copper piping, Dornbracht metal valves and accessories,
shower curtains, towels
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin 2011

(I) concrete
(II) metal, rope, drop cloth, copper pipe, tap
Gut Kartzitz Rügen 2011

metal tank, water, suction/compression pump, copper piping, drywall, tooth grind guard, aluminum, raw plaster, house of cards, cellular rubber, drain plug, metal stand, ear plugs
Städtische Galerie Nordhorn 2011

'The house remains silent'
diverse vessels, water, copper piping, camping stove, salt lick, bedding
commissioned by the 6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, 2010

'Relocation and Amnesia ( RONGELAP )'
concrete, earth, bucket, spoon, stationery, stamp, scale, aluminum, scaffolding, wood
Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin 2010

wood, plastic, metal, rope, water, silo
Schloss Beesenstedt 2010

removed wall paint, removed window-frame paint, removed heater paint
Baltimore 2004

removed wall and ceiling paint, removed dirt
Baltimore 2004

asphalt, strata, salt lick, rainwater
Uferhallen, Berlin 2009

'The bride speaks'
diverse vessels, copper piping, camping stove, water, salt lick, bedding, table, tablecloth, sponge, tissues
Cruise & Callas, Berlin 2009

playing cards, collage, building marked for demolition
Current Space, Baltimore 2009

'Epidemic of Inertia'
sound recording, subway system
paraflows 09 - Urban Hacking, Vienna 2009

water, tank, metal piping, shower curtains, concrete
Artscape, Baltimore 2008

'Waste Works'
wastewater treatment plant, water, pump, kitchen sink, clothing, bricks, pots, wood
Gengenbach 2008

'Effluent Venture'
watering cans, plastic buckets, PVC piping, drywall, faucet, water, soap, lotion
Kunstraum Innsbruck 2007

'Urban Experimental Plumbing'
street drains, PVC piping, wood, warning tape, cans, jelly jar, hoses, etc.
Ballhaus Ost, Berlin 2007

sandwich board, footprint stickers, restroom, markers
Maryland Art Place, Baltimore 2006

steel and aluminum sign, business cards, provisional intersection
Baltimore 2005

reflective traffic cones, synthetic netting, street barricades, plunger, beach ball, rebar
Baltimore 2005

bathtub, water, wood, sink, dirty dishes, kitchen counter
5th Story, Baltimore 2004

boarded-up house, TV, polyurethane expanding foam
Baltimore 2004

graffiti buffing, silver paint, paint rollers, hazard suits, brooms
Baltimore 2003